Studying for exams: week 5

I have such mixed feelings about being in week 5.  On the one hand, I only have a month left before exams…and on the other hand, I’ll be done with exams in a month. I think I’ll use this mid-way post to sort of take stock of where I am, and discuss what I need to do with the remainder of my time. Major Field: I’m feeling pretty damn good here.  I had a meeting with the chair of my exams today (being Monday, February 18) and he seemed quite pleased with my grasp of the historiographical arguments.  I did a lot of work over this past weekend on the British class system and the political/franchise developments that accompanied it.  Combined with my previous work on masculinity, the welfare state, and empire, I’m thinking another week will leave me pretty much ready for my major field.  I need to do a bit of reading on World War I and II,

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