Self-care: move your body

I’m not saying you have to be a paragon of physical fitness.  All I’m saying is that, to the best of your ability and capacity, it behooves a writer to get some exercise. Exercise to clear your mind I’m not a personal trainer, and there are a million articles already out there about how exercise is good for you. But if you’d like a personal testimonial, I will tell you that nothing clarifies me more quickly than a run with a good soundtrack.  I solve more problems after a run than I do any other time of day, and I also feel far less anxious, so I try to run three times a week, to make sure I’m giving myself the best chance at top notch analysis and processing.  When I can’t make it out for a run, I do some yoga or strength training and concentrate really hard on form, to create the same meditative effect that comes over

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Huzzah, it’s my birthday! The perfect occasion on which to get all introspective.  Or at least more so than other days. I must say, I’m excited to turn 32.  I much prefer even-numbered years, for reasons I can’t quite explain, and since 8 is my lucky number, this year should be especially great, since 32 is divisible by 8 four times. Oh snap. I’m also excited to turn 32 for more “real” reasons, though. Reason 1: My dissertation is in a good place I don’t want to say much more than that.  One of the things I’ve learned about myself over the years, is that if I expend too much energy talking about the intricacies of what engages me, or the excitement of it, I lose the magic.  Sort of like if I let an actual cat out of an actual bag, and the cat turned around and was like, fuck you, man, you put me in a bag!? and

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