Dino Drop #4

Just a quick little Dino Drop for y’all.  Sorry I didn’t get it posted yesterday–been a busy Birthday week! Marc: This one is little guy!  Is kind of cute! Elliot: I whole-heartedly disagree.  He looks like one of those Spy vs. Spy rat/ghost/creepy blokes they used to show in cartoon shorts on Mad TV. M: …what? Me: No, he’s totally right.  You don’t even understand, Marc, they were super creepy. E: And, apparently, now they have wings. Me: …and now they have wings. M: Non, pretty sure you are both stupid, and that is super cute Dactyl bird. E: Pterodactyls are never cute, even when they don’t look like Spy vs. Spy. Me: Oh my god, that’s because they ALWAYS look like Spy vs. Spy. E: Never looking at a pterodactyl the same way ever again. M: Whatever…you are both craze.

Studying for exams: week 9

Hells. Yes. The final week of studying. Last week, I got my official notice of “hey, you’re taking exams, remember?”  I have my room number, my field schedule, and my test times.  Turns out they want me on campus at 9:30 in the morning for each day of testing, which I’m not thrilled about, but at least that gets the exams out of the way early in the day, I guess. I pinned my notice up in the office and went around to check in with some of the others in my cohort.  There are about five of us taking exams next week.  Reactions to the letter ranged from, “I never want to think about this again,” to “I am cautiously optimistic,” to “the week after exams is going to feel like a rebirth.” Seems like we’re all on the same page, haha. Last week’s study plan was fairly successful.  I did not get as far into my world history

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