Historical Studies and Education

My job as a graduate student is to become an expert in something.  And becoming an expert is often circuitous.

I’ve been immersed in one main project for a while now, figuring out all its facets, which is never a straight-forward process.  First, I had to wrap my brain around this project after years of training in other, sometimes completely unrelated, historical fields.  And then I had to get to know Mister Project, and know him well.  As a result, I’ve seen him dressed up for a dinner party and at six o’ clock the next morning.  When he’s in his cups and when he’s straight laced and sober, heading off to a conference.  Relaxed and introspective, enthusiastic and manic.  And I’ve spoken to a number of his friends about him.

It’s a lot of work to know a project that well.  And sometimes I need a break from it.  So I’ve taken a good number of trips down meandering research roads, into guilty little side projects and vaguely related obsessions.  Sometimes I’ve strayed from the beaten path entirely.  But these nooks and crannies bloom out of a sophisticated level of historical understanding, similar to the main project.

And most of what I do is backed up by diploma swag and teaching cred, which you’ll see listed when appropriate.

So, reading through the menus attached to this page might give you a place to start if you’re looking to ask me a historical question.  I should be able to come back at you with an answer that is at least dipped in expertise, if not quite yet subsumed.

And if you’re not interested in asking questions, then you’ll get a sense of the sorts of things that interest me–the things that will make up the content of my posts from time to time.

In other words… “Come on in,” said the professorial spider to the curious fly.  You can trust me.


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