Shifting (read: grinding) gears

Steven King says that after you finish your first draft, you have to chuck it in a drawer for at least six weeks.  Then when you go to edit, you will have achieved proper distance from the manuscript, making it easier to gut what needs gutted. Sure. He also says that during this six week period, you must forget the manuscript exists, and that this can be accomplished by switching to a different project, distracting yourself with other things. Bullshit. Maybe when you’re Steven King and you’ve written approximately six hundred novels, you can just switch tracks, but after your first novel? Literally all the varieties of bullshit in all the land. Here is what actually happened when I tried to do that: First, I came down off my elation so hard that I started running a fever.  I had plugged up sinuses, chills, aches.  I was nowhere near possessing the level of energy required to undertake a vast new

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