Studying for exams: week 7

It is officially March, and my exams are officially three weeks of studying away. Also, there is officially another snow storm happening outside right now.  Snow storm Saturn.  I’m only “ok” with this storm because Saturn is my favorite planet.  I will forever believe that it is purple with rainbow striped rings, despite what my fourth grade teacher told me when she gave me a “C” on my paper mache planet project for lack of accuracy. Haters gonna hate, purple Saturn.  It’s just you and me now. Successes: 1. With only slight variations, I actually stuck to/achieved my study plan/goals this last week!  Huzzah! 2. I had to vary my plan slightly (I didn’t get through all of my readings on degeneration) only because my choir assignment came in slightly sooner than I thought it might, requiring a trip downtown to discuss said assignment. For someone who lives in Chicago, I very rarely go downtown.  I mean, I basically feel

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History of WPCS parts seven and eight…

Morning, everyone! For part seven, click here. For part eight, click here.  And make sure to watch the video linked at the end of this section.  Hilarious. There are only two, maybe three sections of the choir history left, at this point.  I’m really going to miss writing it.  Turns out, transmuting your friends into characters from the 1920s is ridiculously fun.