Author Branding

You’ll have to excuse my year-long absence. I was busy getting my shit together in a process that went something like this: give up alcohol on the Autumn Equinox, 2018; journal out the thoughts that bubbled up and snapped and lapped tar across my brain; cry a lot; let go of a lot; step away from formal academia; work through the The Artist’s Way, (an intensely straight, white, and privileged book that has transformative value if you have the patience/further privilege to look under that thick patina into the exercises); realize you did not waste a decade preparing for a career you stopped wanting half way through, because those skills are forever yours; lean hard into self-acceptance; admit you want to be a writer; feel new; feel loved; feel raw; feel terrified; experience the weightlessness of joy and build up your grounding to meet you where you are now; shed identities that no longer serve you; find your voice even

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