About Marc

Salut.  Here are answer to some question you are send Erin-rin.


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What is your favorite animal and why?

NOX, duh. Nox is my horse. He is best and best friend. He is so dark jet black like night, which is why Nox, and he is stomp like six hundred enemy and snake and all thing. He hate parade like I am hate. Also, I am love my catus, Globus. He is wear cape. And I am love Sam, my hedgehog. Also, I am have little bird name Little Bird, and I am have beard dragon that is name Barbu, who is live in my office. They are all my favorite!

Why should I read this blog? 

Because is best and I am say so.

What kind of wood is Aloisius made from?

I non know.  Whatever.

Describe your ideal date with Aloisius.

Gross.  Ideal date is call and say, ohhhhh….nooooo….this thing is come up and actual I am go watch bear versus people in football.  Salut.

If you had to orbit a different star, which would it be?

THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE STAR FOR ORBIT!? That is so best.  What are?  I am look up.

Who is your favorite pen and how would he/she/it describe your morning routine?

I do non have favorite pen.  I do have favorite paintbrush that is fine tip and I am use for design plan.  I basic just get up.  And then…I non know…do thing.

If you could be physically present at any historical event that took place in Illinois, which event would it be and why?


Talk about land and how it relates to your work.

Land…now I am use land to inspire design.  In life, I am use land for direct troop and for set up tent.  For ride horse, for laze on beach, for maneuver philosophy.  I am use land for everything in life.  I am miss.

Which British monarch (living or dead) do you relate most to and why?


Choose your favorite literary character.  NOW, devise a vegetarian-friendly last mean for him/her.  What would it include?

Hmmm, well, I am read along with Erin-rin. Favorite character I am discover…ummm…well, whatever, I would feed warm nectarine and date and cream cheese.

When an author writes a novel, does he/ she have a conscious focus on creating “meaning and imagery” as he/she writes or does the story unfold from a fertile mind leaving the reader the task of finding these elements?

I am general write with these thing in mind.  But I am write essay, non novel.  I think Elias and Erin-rin will have more to say.

If you had to be any evil dictator in the world throughout history, who would you be and why?

Is easy, hahaha.  I am be Octavian.  And then wander out into road and be hit by chariot, or drink bad wine, or play with poision snake, and DIE before give order to kill Marcus Brutus.

If you could invite three historical people to dinner who would it be and why? Also, what would you serve?

I just find out Elias say he is be Caesar.  So, I am invite Charles Dickens, Oliver Cromwell, and Elias to dinner party, because he is hate them.  I am serve steak, too, because Elias is vegetarian.  And he have to act polite whole night and say, oh non, is fine, I am just eat green bean on side of plate.

Please name your favorite film from each year of the 1990s.

1990 – Edward Scissorhand

1991 – I do non like any movie in 1991

1992 – FernGully, I guess.  But there are non very good movie in 1992, either.


1994 – Interview with Vampire

1995 – Babe

1996 – Independence Day

1997 – The Lost World: JURASSIC PARK

1998 – Shakespeare in Love

1999 – Matrix

What is your favorite color? Please provide 3-5 reasons justifying your choice.

Silver. 1) Because I say so.  2) Because is color of sword. 3) Because is so flash.

If you could go back in time and change the results of one U.S. presidential election, which would you choose and why? Please limit your selection to elections that took place prior to 1932.

I non know.  After I am watch John Adams miniseries, I think that George Washington should have be president for longer.  But he also understand republic is need to non have king which I am respect.  Still, I would change election that he bow out of.

Can you remember the first time that you realized words on paper had an impact on your mood or emotion?

Sic, when I am read Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis view on stoic.  And then stoic philosophy more general.

Could you provide a quick primer on latinate vs. germanic english and explain any preferences you have and whether the style of writing influences that. If you like, expound on greek language influences on the english language.


What is the strangest item you have anthropomorphized?

Probable pet nut, Nux, that Elias is kill and eat.

Is there anyone you consider your hero? living? or dead?

Ah, now, here I can non just choose one.  Since Elias and Erin-rin choose three, I am say Cato, Porcia, and Jeremy…and Mira, too, whatever is four now.

What historical person has influenced your life the most?

Quintus Servilius Caepio.

Is there any piece of literature fiction or non-fiction that had a large influence on you?

Romeo and Juliet.  Because it is so influence E and his romance.

How has Achewood changed your life?

It has non.

What are you most afraid of and why? I think there should be two answers rational and irrational.

Rational: Lose Jeremy and Mira.

Irrational: I am non afraid of irrational thing.

What is your favorite piece of furniture and why?

Probable my design desk.  I like that it is in studio Elias build me.  All white plaster wall and silly painting that pet are make by step in paint.  I am do good work there on desk.

Would you take up drinking or smoking to make your study more awesome?

I am drink vino like all of time.  But I do non like smoke, non.

If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island for one week and you could only bring three things with you, what would they be?

Agh, Elias say Nox is non count as “thing” I can bring.  Fine…I am bring sword, vino, and camera so I can draw design in sand with stick and save picture of for later.


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