About Elliot

I think perhaps as people get to know me better, I’ll respond to questions tailored more directly to my interests.  But for now, here are some rather humorous inquiries and my earnest attempts at response.

Best – E

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What is your favorite animal and why?

I’m sure this accounts to disaster in the minds of most people, but I don’t really care for animals.  Well, that’s not entirely true…I do love ducks.  I have a pet duck, Harlequin (Quin). And I have a pet dragon. I named him Toothless after, you know, Toothless. Not sure about rights to the name and such, so maybe I’ll just refer to him as “Mr. Dragon.” So, I suppose, these are my favourite animals.  Because I love them.

Why should I read this blog?

Well, its informative, yes?  Why not?

What kind of wood is Aloisius made from?

Mahogany would be my guess.

Describe your ideal date with Aloisius.

The art museum followed by gelato.  I really love this gelato stuff.  I wish EA weren’t lactose intolerant on any given Tuesday, because I’d eat it like a maniac, truly.

If you had to orbit a different star, which would it be?

I don’t believe that the sun is a star.  I won’t stand for it.  God forbid that we should manage to orbit some other…thing.

Who is your favorite pen and how would he/she/it describe your morning routine?

My favourite pens were always quills with dark green ink. The ink wasn’t the easiest to come by, but Geoffrey always managed to procure. I always rise by 4—a maddening habit that harks back to my truly working days—and then generally ponce about making tea, looking out windows, and thinking about how I wish I could sleep like a normal person. Generally I end up reading, finding a quiet-ish construction project ‘round the house, or climbing back in bed to snuggle Marc.

If you could be physically present at any historical event that took place in Illinois, which event would it be and why?

Oh, Lord knows.  Perhaps the Haymarket Square Riot in Chicago.  I’ve a soft spot for organised labour.

Talk about land and how it relates to your work.

Never had much of it in life.  Don’t have much of it in death, actually, come to think of it.  I’m rather a city boy and my work takes place in shops, agencies, banks, etc.  I did have a manor, unfortunately, at the end of my life—made a lot on shipping all of a sudden.  But I converted most of it into homesteads and gave the house up to the poor.

Which British monarch (living or dead) do you relate most to and why?

I’m in love with Prince Albert, does that count for something?

Choose your favorite literary character.  NOW, devise a vegetarian-friendly last mean for him/her.  What would it include? 

Agh! You’ve frightened me! I can’t think of any literary characters!  Jeezums.  I um…Dorian Grey.  But he’s not really my favourite…but he is the first I thought of, so, letter of the law.  What on earth does he eat?  Are souls vegetarian?  Maybe carrots.  Dilled carrots with shallot and one of those fancier grains.

When an author writes a novel, does he/ she have a conscious focus on creating “meaning and imagery” as he/she writes or does the story unfold from a fertile mind leaving the reader the task of finding these elements?

Absolutely.  An Excellent question.  EA and I are worked on this together and you can see our answer here.  We are both rather thematically driven writers, but I think we managed to view things from the other side fairly well, too.

If you had to be any evil dictator in the world throughout history, who would you be and why?

Oh, God, did you ask my husband this?  I’m going to say Caesar.  Just to irk him.

If you could invite three historical people to dinner who would it be and why? Also, what would you serve?

Hmm, an interesting concept.  I immediately thought of a number of people to whom I would serve poison wine…my husband is having an adverse effect on my vengeful side.  But as far as people I would like to have to a legitimate dinner…Prince Albert, because I greatly respect his ideas and his demeanour, Peter the Great, in his party boy phase, and Michelangelo, as the hinge between the two personalities.  I would serve fish and chips and dark beer.  Mainly because I like it so much, and they should, too.

Please name your favorite film from each year of the 1990s.

I also have no way to answer this question.  EA and I have incredibly similar tastes in films, and I’m running into the same mental roadblock.  I bet Marc will have an answer for you.  He’s nothing if not decisive…

What is your favorite color? Please provide 3-5 reasons justifying your choice.

Honestly, my favourite colour is brown.  My reasons are as follows: I am a carpenter by hobby, and I love working with and staining wood; tea is brown; brown has such intriguing and warm shades—rusts and gold undertones—and all of my great loves have worn these shades quite well.

If you could go back in time and change the results of one U.S. presidential election, which would you choose and why? Please limit your selection to elections that took place prior to 1932.

No clue.  EA has me convinced that that Jackson fellow wasn’t a very nice man, though.

Can you remember the first time that you realized words on paper had an impact on your mood or emotion?

Although I often hold her in great contempt, as most children hold their tutors at some point, I have to give Sarah “Pygmy” the honour of showing me words could hold emotion, simply because learning to read was a very emotional process for me.  I was eight when she showed up at the almshouse and informed me I was uncivilised and needed her instruction.  She was ten, and far superior, of course.

Could you provide a quick primer on latinate vs. germanic english and explain any preferences you have and whether the style of writing influences that. If you like, expound on greek language influences on the english language.

I cannot.

What is the strangest item you have anthropomorphized?

I don’t do this.  My husband does, though.  He once anthropomorphized a nut, naming it Nux and insisting that it live on the fireplace mantel.  I ate it.

Is there anyone you consider your hero? living? or dead?

My heroes are the men and woman that I’ve chosen as my life partners.  They are beyond extraordinary.

What historical person has influenced your life the most?

Likely Robert Peel and/or Lord Melbourne.  They are historical now, but they were the prime ministers during my adult life.  And, therefore, had a great deal of influence on how I conducted myself and my business.

Is there any piece of literature fiction or non-fiction that had a large influence on you?

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  It was one of the first plays I read when Geoffrey first taught me to read (at an advanced level).  I later performed the role of Romeo in a hilarious schoolboy version of the show, with Geoffrey as Juliet.  Then later on, I took Marion as Juliet to a costume ball.  All of my mates dressed as Montagues, and the rival group on campus invaded the dance dressed as Capulets.  So it’s popped up throughout my life for moments of levity, and it also had a good deal of influence on my romantic sensibilities.  Not that I’m tragic, but I am certainly a hopeless romantic.

How has Achewood changed your life?

I wouldn’t say it’s changed my life, but I do enjoy the cats.

What are you most afraid of and why? I think there should be two answers rational and irrational.

Rational: Losing either of my children, Jeremy or Mira, to their inevitable passing on out of the afterlife.  True, they needs to rest, but I’ll miss them beyond words.

Irrational: Probably electricity.  It is so damn unnerving.

What is your favorite piece of furniture and why?

This is a toss-up.  It’s either my writing desk, which was a gift from my mates in my first year of school, or my easy chair, which was a wedding present from Geoffrey.  The desk has seen nearly every love letter I’ve ever written.  But the chair is where I curled up with my son Jon after supper every night.

Would you take up drinking or smoking to make your study more awesome?

Done and done.

If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island for one week and you could only bring three things with you, what would they be?

First of all, hullo, Sheerya!  How is your occasional alter-ego, William Rutherford III, getting on these days?  Always seemed like a nice bloke, albeit a bit flowery…

In any case, since you said ‘things’ and that rules out family and pets, I had to think about this for a while.  But, I’ve finally settled on a volume of Shakespeare, a lathe so I could collect some fallen tree branches for a carpentry project, and tea.


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