Holloway project accountability

The beta copy of my novel is officially in the hands of my readers.  My first tea industry event is under my belt.

Now to the non-fiction project.

I’m going to be honest.  This is not going to be easy for me.  I love the life I’ve built free of academic rigamarole and full of Magic, tea, and forests.

But I know if I don’t finish this project now, I never will.  And I know I would regret leaving it incomplete, not only because I hate backing down from a challenge, but also because I am curious what this non-fiction piece will become post-defense–what kind of animal it’ll morph into outside of the confines of tenure-track requirements and academic presses.

I am.  I’m curious.  There, that’s a spark.  Easier already…

To make it even easier on myself, though, I’ve set some completion benchmarks, and I want to share them here in the name of accountability

*   *   *

BEST CASE SCENARIO (12 week completion)

  • October: Chapters 1/2
  • November: Chapters 3/4/5
  • December: Chapters 6/7
  • January: Revise/File for Spring Graduation
  • February: Defend/Revise
  • March: Submit approved dissertation

Although unlikely, this scenario gives me something to shoot for.  I always like to have one of these in my back pocket, for the motivation if nothing else.

*   *   *

LIKELY SCENARIO (Approx. 1 chapter/month)

  • October: Chapter 1
  • November: Chapter 2
  • December: Chapter 3/6…(both already in draft)
  • January: Chapter 4
  • February: Chapter 5
  • March: Chapter 7
  • April: Intro/Conclusion
  • May: Revise
  • June: Defend/File for Summer Graduation
  • July: Submit approved dissertation

More than likely, this is almost certain.  It gives me time to breathe, sort research, gather my defense panel, and push through paperwork, while still completing the project in under a year.  It will open some spaces for novel revisions, agent searches, and creative writing workshop applications.  And if I move faster than this, then I’ll feel awesome, which is always a nice perk of reasonable schedules.



Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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