New Posts Coming Soon!

Over the past four months, I taught a class at the Illinois Institute for Technology, continued my work as a TA at UIC, prepped and tutored three weekly students, completed a 50 hr + weekends internship with the Chicago Metro History Fair, volunteered and gave a talk at the International Museum of Surgical Science, sang in my choir, wrote a draft of a dissertation chapter, planned a research trip, and planned a move across the country.

I am exhausted.

But I wanted to put an accountability placeholder up here, and highlight some of the posts that I’ll be making once finals are graded (due May 13th) and there is once more space in my life and brain for such things.

I’m looking forward to writing about the following:

Responsible schedule building for the introvert–what I learned

Retrospective on five years as a TA

How a dissertation chapter comes together

Analysis of my teaching reviews from IIT–which activities and assignments came out on top?  What would I change?

Summer research plans

Retrospective of the UIC History PhD Teaching Track

My new writing schedule–with exciting new projects to share!

Moving across the country

Energists and the practical problems of immortality

Thoughts on some favorite authors: Scott Lynch, Gail Carriger, Neil Gaiman

And other stuff as I think of it.

: )


Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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