Class Websites

Yikes! I almost went a full month without posting something on here!

To be fair, though, that’s because I’ve been hard at work making a syllabus and creating class websites for both the course I am TAing at UIC, and the course for which I am an adjunct professor (AGHGHGHH SO EXCITING) at IIT.

I hesitate to share the class website for IIT, simply because I have made my students all authors on it, and I don’t want to broadcast their words to the world without their permission.  I’ll ask this coming week if I can share it and report back with an update.

I have no qualms about sharing my HIST100, Western Civilization to 1648 website, though.  You can find it here.  The other TA and I are co-administrators, but as it stands right now, everything except his discussion syllabus is my work.

Take a gander!

And Happy Labor Day!


Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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