Saturday Morning Cartoons: May 17-30

Well…I guess they’re Sunday afternoon cartoons this time, but it’s the thought that counts?

*   *   *

This modern medical analysis of Richard III is super cool.  Turns out the reports of his hunchback were grossly overestimated, and really he had a minor scoliosis curve that would have raised his shoulder just slightly.  Science!

I don’t know if these are really the 7 most creepy abandoned places in Russia–seems like the kind of place that likely has way more than 7–but these are definitely up there on the list.  And they’re kind of hauntingly beautiful in their weirdness.

And speaking of creepy abandoned places, check out this video about a terrifying owlman that stalks around an abandoned hospital.  The consensus among my friends has been, if you’re wandering around an abandoned hospital, you deserve to get attacked by an owlman.  Not sure where I come down on the issue yet.

Biggest dinosaur to date discovered in Argentina–check it out here.  Also, I love the look on the guy’s face as he sprawls next to the dinosaur femur to help people get a sense of its size:

What do you mean “look serious, you know, like a paleontologist?” Should I just stare straight forward with my arms crossed? I’ll just stare straight forward with my arms crossed.

Check out these old timey, colonial era cocktail drinks.  A couple of them involve eggs.  What’s up with that?

Birds with human arms.  Post delivers. Hilariously so.

Also hilarious?  This little thirty second clip of Luigi wiping out Waluigi from the newest Mario Kart game, entitled (by the Something Awful forums) “Damn, Luigi, what’s your damage?”

In this clip, a magician shows dogs a treat and then makes it vanish before their little dog eyes, at which point each dog flips its respective shit in the most adorable way possible.

This article talks about a cache of 100 year old negatives discovered in Antarctica.

What do you mean, “look serious, you know, like an Arctic explorer?” Should I just stare straight forward with my hands on my hips? I’ll just stare straight forward with my hands on my hips.

And because no Saturday morning cartoon post is complete with an octopus, I give you the “Scottish Octopus.”


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