Saturday Morning Cartoons: April 26-May 9

Just stare at this picture for a while.  Disappear into it.

I laughed at this “professorial coping bingo.”  But, to be perfectly honest I probably made some of these mistakes myself, as an undergraduate handing in history papers, so the chortle was definitely tempered.  Also, we can’t just let students keep making these sorts of grammatical/analytical mistakes and laughing at them behind their backs.  So, sure, ease your frustration with this little game, and then maybe use it to count up the kinds of mistakes and pass out writing guides on the other end.

Ridiculously happy videogame soundtrack here.  It’s only about half an hour long, so put it on in the background while you work on stuff and get super pumped up.

A deep see submarine encountered 10 super cool sea creatures and caught them on camera.  Most of them skitter away, which is kind of cute.  But the dumbo octopus just chills there being awesome.

If you love the Legend of Zelda just stop whatever you are doing right now, and look at this.  It is gorgeous.

I’m still skeptical about this new Gotham show, mainly because Commissioner Gordon won’t rocking his signature ‘stach, but the trailer definitely won me over a bit in spite of that.  I was particularly drawn to the idea of learning more about Batman before he’s Batman and watching his enemies construct their identities in their teenage years.

Here are 24 Star Trek cakes that are totally cool.  The last one is kind of the Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree of cakes, but I like it for that reason.

20 giant animals.  Thread delivers, I guess?  I like the proliferation of creepy-crawly things in this list.

New Stonehenge theory! I’m enthralled.  And I can’t wait for this theory to get tossed in favor of another one five years from now, because HISTORY.


Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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