Saturday Morning Cartoons: April 19-25

Saturday morning cartoons used to be special.  Although there were some cool after school cartoons, it was Saturday morning that really laid it all on the line.  I can remember getting up at 6 am to watch Batman, Spiderman, Ducktails, Darkwing Duck, Tailspin, etc.  It was awesome.

And I miss that.

I miss the excitement of getting up early just to look at cool stuff that sparked my imagination.  Plus, you can get cartoons any time, any day now, and they’re just not that good in comparison (Archer and Venture Brothers, aside).

So, I decided to redefine my Saturday morning cartoons.

Throughout the week, I run across any number of beautiful or adorable or fun or inspiring things online.  It is true…the internet is a lot of things and thanks to some sort of benevolent universal energy, not all those things are horrifyingly sad or 4chan.

My previous tendency was to leave these discoveries open in a tab, so I could go back and click on them when I needed a study break pick me up.  But this week I decided to start saving those URLs and images in a running blog post document, which I then converted into prose-based explanations and hyper-links.

Below, you’ll find the results of my experiment: a round up of the week and the neat things I found/saw/learned about.  I’m hoping to do this regularly, not because my interests are ascendant over everyone else’s, but rather because it will keep me from having a million tabs open at once.  And if this list fires someone else’s imagination, all the better.

So, here’s my list of Cool Stuff.  What would you put on yours?

*     *     *

High speed MRI slides of 20 different fruits and vegetables.  That’s right, someone ran a bunch of fruits and veggies through an MRI reader, and then played the images in succession like a flip book.  You get to guess what food item you are seeing and the answers are revealed at the end.  I recognized all the ones I actually cook with, but the four unbeknownst to me in actual cooking were also unbeknownst to me as MRIs.

32 beautiful and surreal geographical spaces from around the world.  They are awesome.  I want to walk on clouds now.  I did have a set of characters in my novel the first time I wrote it called “cloud walkers” but they’re more down to earth now. *rim shot*

And here are some images of enormous storm waves.  Also kind of surreal, but in a “wash you out to sea if you stand and gawk too long” sort of way.

Crystals are gorgeous.  Also when you carry them in your pocket they remind you to pay attention to your inner monologue in useful and corrective ways.  Definitely not for everyone, but I think it’s sparkly and fascinating.

Shut up, when does this baby robot dinosaur come on the market?  And also, when are they going to cover up its skeletal dinosaur face with scales?  That would make it slightly less creepy, but it’s still awesome.

I already had some idea that snails were adorable, but I didn’t know they were this adorable.

Ditto with these baby animals.

And with these pictures of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan running around New York together being besties.

Tangentially related to the above set of photos…
This sweatshirt rules.

Unrelated–here are 35 restaurants that have amazing views.  I’m particularly taken with the restaurants in caves and the ones that have stunning natural views.  City-scapes don’t do as much for me.

Here are 50 images from the past that will give you pause.  Unlike the headline for the article says, they’re not all hilarious or shocking, but they are definitely all worth a gander.

And finally, here’s one image things past that blew my mind.  Okay, fine, two.



Newgrange, in County Meath, Ireland.  It’s a prehistoric monument that had somehow slipped past my radar, and I plan on doing a lot more research on this place.  It’s just so eerie and beautiful.  Do a google image search for it–I promise it’ll be worth it.

Oh, also, doing an image search for Antarctic landscapes is worth it.  For example:



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