Four weddings and a flash mob: an introduction

This past year, I had the absolute pleasure of watching not two, not four, but ten of my friends (five couples) get married.

Each wedding was beautiful, encapsulating, and at times quite funny for their own specific reasons, and I thought it might be nice to write a lighthearted, retrospective series of posts that consider each ceremony, in turn.

I decided to do this for a few reasons:

First, I’m doing this as a way of honoring each pair as they celebrate their first set of holidays as newlyweds.  And also as a way of thanking each couple for inviting me to be a part of their respective marriages. I feel like guests tend to forget after the ceremony is over, and the pictures are up on Facebook, that a marriage is something quite spiritual (sacred or secular) to be a part of. It is a privilege to have someone ask you to witness their vows.  And it’s a real charge of trust when the couple asks you to help them support their relationship.  I also don’t know if the celebrating couple often gets the chance to see, tangibly, that their wedding, and that invitation, has made an impact on their guests, or inspired real force of feeling.  I’m hoping these posts give my friends the chance to see that.

Second, I do this as a way of accounting for some truly formative, touching, hilarious, and and lovely moments that happened to me over the year.  As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this website, a great deal of my personal growth as a writer and person comes from the cultivation of relationships with extraordinary friends who include me in their lives, events, and conversations.  At the final wedding of the season, I looked around me at all the familiar faces, and suddenly understood that each opportunity we have to share in each other’s commitments brings us closer together as a group, and therefore, gives each of us more space to be genuine, trusting, and exploratory with the guarantee that we will be backed by our friends.

Finally, I do this as a way of sharing some seriously cool events.  My friends are unique individuals, and their choices for decor, ceremony, location, and reception reflected that.  If for no other reason than sheer journalistic comment, these weddings are worth sharing.

Each post will begin with an introduction to the individuals who make up the couple, and how/when I met them, which will help to provide some context.

Let the re-living of festivities commence!

(…after I’ve compiled all the pictures, copyrights, and permissions)


Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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