Marc’s 2,098th birthday!!

It’s Marc’s birthday!  His 2,098th to be exact.

Unfortunately, he isn’t here to celebrate it with me.  He and Elliot are in the middle of ghostie fashion week, and they’re in Germany tonight.

It’s a bit late this year–sometimes ghostie fashion week overlaps with alively fashion week, and the ghosts just use the same runways and stages in London and NYC and etc., after we’re done with them.  But other times, since ghosts don’t abide by the same temporal and spatial rules, they throw together grand ordeals that take place across Europe and root designers to their home countries.  The stages in those years are built out of pure energy, and can do all sorts of unexpected and magical things…because ghosts.

So, last year, for instance, Elliot walked in overlapping-with-alively fashion shows in London, Paris, and New Zealand, with a special runway appearance in Greece for Marc’s line.  Which meant he walked each line he signed on with three times, once in each spot.  And he works with about six different designers now…so it was a lot, even though the shows were quite routine.

This year, they were pleased to find out–as it’s been a busy year for them already with the opening of the Junius-Smith Home for Children–that Elliot would only be walking once for each designer, and Marc would only be presenting his line once.  They started in London and Ireland on Wednesday and Thursday, and then today they were in Germany, Saturday they’re in Greece, and Sunday, they’re closing out in Paris with Marie’s line (she’s basically the fashion goddess of ghost-world…used to work with Marie Antoinette’s dress designer.  Elliot’s kind of a big deal model.)


They stopped in last night to get a good night’s rest at home before heading out to the second half of fashion week.  And I woke up to a blank toad drawing with the instruction, “Is blank toad.  You are decorate for.” written across the top.  So I did, and here’s the result:

Birthday Toad!

As you can see, I drew toad a cake with special candles, and gave him a hat.  And then I surrounded him with a mini-whale and a tiny gator, because Marcus’s weirdo dream is to someday have a zoo that is full of animals that are in reverse proportion to their actual sizes. So, toad is huge, the alligator is mid-sized, and the whale is tiny.

I think he’ll like it.

Yep, my Friday nights are totally normal.

Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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