Dino Drop #13

We return with more dinosaurs!! Specifically, this one:


Elliot: That one.  I want that dinosaur.  I desperately need to know more about what a “Long Leek” dinosaur is.

Me: Well, I mean, one would presume that a Long Leek dinosaur is a dinosaur whose body is made of one enormous leek.  Probably the legs are made of smaller ones.

E: But what kind of world would a dinosaur made of leeks live in?

Marc: Probable same world as T-Radish.

E: Oh my god, haha, T-Radish.  I love that!

M: Heeee….probable there are also Tri-carrot-tops.

E: So from now on, when we cook supper together, can we refer to vegetables solely by their dinosaur counterpart names?

M: Duh.

E: Excellent.

Me: Do these dinosaurs live in a vegetable world?  Or do they grow in a garden?

M: Hmmm….I think they should live in vegetable world.

E: I agree.  I mean, perhaps dinosaur babies grow in a garden, and then their parents uproot them and teach them to walk.  But the rest of the world is made of vegetable dinosaurs, too.

Me: I’m imagining an ankylosaurus made of potatoes.  Kind of knobby and surly.

M: Oooo…that is work.

E: I think trees made of broccoli are too obvious, you know?  Maybe they could be bok choy, since there were more ferns back then.  And then arugula and dill for leafy things.

M: Is good think.  Broccoli would be good for Broccoli-saurus, anyway.

E: You are so good at puns.  It is so funny to me that in the process of learning to speak English you developed this heightened sense for puns.

Me: Dude, it makes perfect sense.  He’s always saying how things are simultaneously so worst and best.  That is exactly what a pun is–worst and best.

M: Velo-celery-aptor.

E: HAH! I love that one! Oh dear…I’m going to be giggling my way through meetings all day after this.

Me: “Oh dear,” indeed.

E: But it’s true, I will.  I’ll think of T-Radish attacking people.  Marcus, you think of absurd things day in and day out.  How on earth do you manage to keep such a serious demeanour in meetings?

M: Oh, I am just make compartment thinking.  So in meeting I can attempt to take people serious, and then afterward I can be like, that stupid guy was so stupid and now I am attack him with T-Radish.

E: Hehehehe…T-Radish. Heehehehehehe

Me: You broke him.  He’ll have the giggles for hours now.

M: Sic.  But he is cute when he is giggle, so he should just do.

Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

2 thoughts on “Dino Drop #13

  1. I am so glad that you decided to give in to the dinosaurs ! One of my favorite dino drops….Marc is just…so Marc. Giggling for the rest of the day….thanks .

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