Happy Birthday to Aloisius and I

I unfortunately cannot take the time right now to construct a whole commemorative blog post.

However, I wanted to stop by long enough to say that I started this website on the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing.

A year ago, I needed more desperately than I do now to build something positive into the day of his death.  This year, I can say that although I still miss him terribly, I am doing more fully what he always wanted me to do–pursuing my passions and really living.

I spent today in multiple classrooms, engaging with students, participating in seminars, reading about how to be a better educator, and brainstorming grant application statements.  All done in preparation for a weekend away in Tennessee with some of my dearest friends, as two of them celebrate their marriage and the rest of us drink bourbon and play billiards (and also, you know,  go to the ceremony).

So, may the next year with Aloisius bring yet more solace, and with that, inspiration and the courage for adventures.

And may some transcendental twist inform my grandpa that I’ll still love him until hell freezes over and the devil comes skatin’ across.

Porch Sitting
So long for now, grandpa, but never good bye.


Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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