Dino Drop #8

08 - Father's Day

Me: I feel like this is an appropriate dinosaur for the week.  Sort of as a belated Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Elliot: How do you know it’s not a mother dinosaur?

Me: I don’t really.  But it reminded me of Marc and Little J, so I decided it was a father dinosaur.

E: Fair enough.  Hehe, it does look a bit like Marc and Jeremy.

Marcus: For clear, I am non shout at Little J all of time.  I am just say RAWR, a lot, and then Little J is start RAWR back at me and we are play chase game.

E: Too bad this student didn’t properly spell “RAWR.”

M: I am know, sic?

E: But at least they labeled the baby dinosaur, “Baby Dinosaur.”  You know, as if that wasn’t evident.

Me: Well, without the label, we might have thought it was just a tiny dinosaur that was about to get eaten.

E: True.  And this way, we know that either they are playing games, or someone is getting scolded for running around the flat like a tiny madman instead of getting in the bath.

M: Dinosaur are live in flat now?

E: …surely.  Surely your imagination of all people’s can conceive of a dinosaur living in a flat.

M: I non know…is pretty stretch.

E: You’re the worst.

Me: He so loves to frustrate you.

E: Hadn’t noticed.

Me: Did you happen to notice the expression on the tiny dinosaur’s face?  It’s all twisted up like the Joker.  Nevermind, he would not get eaten, he would do the eating.

E: Ew! You’re right! Well, now I feel as though the “Baby Dinosaur” label was absolutely necessary.  Otherwise I would assume the little one was plotting to eat the big one.  Look at those murderous eyes.

M: Even murder dinosaur are need father, I guess.

Me: It’s true.  Even murder dinosaurs need fathers.

E: I still think the little one is plotting something.  Even Jeremy plots, and he’s the sweetest thing since…basically all the sweetest things in the world.

Me: Metaphor fail.

E: Close it.  One cup of tea I’ve had yet today.  One.

M: We are say what he make us for Father Day, Erin-rin? Is non dinosaur relate…I guess it have one dinosaur in?

Me: That’s fine, go ahead.

M: Bene! So, we are adopt Jeremy last year on June 23, even though we are meet him in April.  And he decide this year, since adoption anniversary is so close to Father Day, to make us one present for both.

E: In secret.  He managed to make this present for us entirely in secret.

M: So sneak! So, he make us book that is detail all of first year as family.  It is have copy of adoption paper that are all cover in smiley face and exlaim point.  And it is have lot of picture he is draw of place we are go together.  And photo picture of us do all sort of thing, and photo picture of first time he is meet Uncle.

E: In the multiple.  He has multiple, “Uncles,” you know, our best mates.  And a few big brother sort of figures–younger ghosts with whom we’ve become close friends.  And he included things like pressed flowers from vacations, star charts, because one of his big brothers is an astronomer and got him started with a little telescope.  And…what else was there…

M: Story!

E: Yes! He wrote the whole thing out like it was a “once upon a time” story.

M: Basic he is best.

E: He’s pretty damn best, it’s true.

Me: Where was the dinosaur?

M: Oh, he draw picture of when we are take him to natural history museum.  He see T-Rex.  He RAWR at, and everyone around is pretty much die of cute, duh.

Me: Obviously.

E: Yeah…we’re pretty much madly in love with him.

M: Because he is non murder dinosaur.

E: That’s one of the main reasons, yes.

Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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