Dino Drop #7

badass lightning dinoMe: So, there were a few students who drew dinosaurs that were just straight up awesome.  This kid, for instance, obviously has some artist in his blood.

M: OOOooo…how long they are get to draw?

Me: Most of them drew dinosaurs in like thirty seconds or less, as is probably evident at this point…but this kid sketched for the first ten minutes of class.  I made him turn it in long enough to go over the answers, and then I let him keep drawing after that.

M: Well, is pretty badass.  Look at.  He is have lightning bolt pattern on back.

E: I like his fin thing.  Marc, what is that really called?

M: Bone ridge, probable.

Me: His claws are pretty terrifying, and I also like his pointy, beady eyes.

E: I wonder if the student intentionally drew him with his tail off the page, or if he just started his drawing too far to the right?  Either way, it’s a neat effect.  Looks like the dinosaur is invading the page.

M: It do!  He is so invade! He is steal your wallet.

E: …he’s going to mug me?

M: He is so mug.  Look at so sneak evil face.  He is mug, and then he is be so disappoint when he find out you are non have iPhone.

E: We’re not getting iPhones, for the last time.

M: Whatever, then you are just disappoint dinosaur.

E: Honestly, I’m not terribly worried about disappointing my fictional mugger.

M: You are also disappoint me…

E: Oh my god, look at this face.  What is this face?  Unaffected.

M: Damn, that is usual work.

E: When has that face ever worked on me?  Your “I’m a disappointed dinosaur” face, apparently.

M: Like all of time!

E: You know what, I think that dinosaur is actually going to mug you, instead.

M: Fine! He is mug me!  And he is probable kill me in process because he is dinosaur and I am non.  And because he is fly into fit of rage when he is find out I am non have iPhone to steal.  And then he is be like, wow, I am just kill this dickjerk who is non even have iPhone.  I am go to prison for murder, and I do non even get good phone out of.  He is be soooo disappoint, all of way through trial.  And you are go to trial and cry and be like, if I were good husband, I would have let Marcus get iPhone, and then dinosaur would non have kill in fit of rage.  Too bad I am worst and basic kill my husband.

Me: Marc, I think E left for work in the middle of your rant.

M: He is know is true.  He can non handle veritas.

Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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