Dino Drop #4

Just a quick little Dino Drop for y’all.  Sorry I didn’t get it posted yesterday–been a busy Birthday week!


Marc: This one is little guy!  Is kind of cute!

Elliot: I whole-heartedly disagree.  He looks like one of those Spy vs. Spy rat/ghost/creepy blokes they used to show in cartoon shorts on Mad TV.

M: …what?

Me: No, he’s totally right.  You don’t even understand, Marc, they were super creepy.

E: And, apparently, now they have wings.

Me: …and now they have wings.

M: Non, pretty sure you are both stupid, and that is super cute Dactyl bird.

E: Pterodactyls are never cute, even when they don’t look like Spy vs. Spy.

Me: Oh my god, that’s because they ALWAYS look like Spy vs. Spy.

E: Never looking at a pterodactyl the same way ever again.

M: Whatever…you are both craze.

Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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