Dino Drop #3

It occurs to me that I didn’t explain in the previous Dino Drop what is going on with this dinosaur nonsense.  So if you’re new to the website, or just dropping by, you can find my explanation here.

And now for this week’s dinosaur:

Scotland and Spain

Me: So, the first time I looked at this drawing I thought it was a dinosaur with a super-oversized head.  But then I realized that there is actually a cross-hatched dinosaur standing in the foreground, and then a super-oversized disembodied head in the background.  Which clarified nothing about this picture.

Elliot: First…no, I don’t know where to start.

Marc: Why dinosaur in front is wear plaid?

E: Okay, we can start there.  Why is the dinosaur in front wearing plaid?  Was it cold in the Jurassic?

M: Was Scotland in Jurassic?

E: Haha, a better question.  Perhaps it was.

Me: Nah, there would have been golf clubs alongside all the bones if that were the case.

E: And pint glasses.

Me: What kind of dinosaur is that in the back?

M: Is torosaurus.

E: No way…you had to look that up.

M: You are see smartphone smartass. Non.

E: So really, torosaurus?

M: Sic.  Is like toro toro bull dinosaur.  Is also Spain in Jurassic, no big deal.

E: Can we just take a second to note that the torosaurus has the face of a killer?

Me: Stone cold, tight-lipped killer.  Okay, so I just looked up the torosaurus, and this is not a torosaurus.  I don’t know what the hell this is, but the torosaurus does not have a frill, his horns point backward, and he is from the Cretaceous.

E: Ohhh….three strikes, buddy.

M: Whatever! We are non go for accurate here, obvi.

Me: Also the ceratopsian species torosaurus is from chilled pretty much only in America…so, that rules out Spain and Scotland.

E: Strike four.

Me: You know, on second glance, this drawing looks like one of those propaganda commercials where there’s an American flag waving in the background and then a bald eagle all up in your business in front.

M: HaHAH, what is message of propaganda?

Me: Be a dinosaur?  Wear plaid?  I wish there was a single tear falling down the cheek of the background dinosaur.

E: Stone cold, tight-lipped killers don’t cry.  Just ask Marcus.

Me: Good point.  Well, but the tear can’t roll down the cheek of the dinosaur in front because…he has no face.

M: Maybe his face is get eat by other dinosaur.

E: …ew

M: Heh…stone cold, tight lip face eat…

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