Dino Drop #2

Two legged bronto brachio

Elliot: Um, so, what is going on here?

Me: Well, I think it’s a two-legged brontosaurus.

Marc: Brachiosaurus.  Or maybe Apatosaurus.  Brontosaurus is non real thing.

E: I love how you can recall and pronounce perfectly intricate Latin words, but you still lack the ability to say the word “not.”

M: Whatever! Is brachiosaurus!

E: Alright, alright, calm down.  You know, it looks as though someone played pin the tail on the dinosaur, here.

Me: And then lit a fuse at the very end of the tail.

E: Yes, as though they are going to blow up the two-legged dinosaur body.

Me: And why does it have a Disney-esque nose?  It looks like Goofy.  I don’t think dinosaurs looked like that.

M: Whatever, you are non know.  Maybe Disney is create dinosaur.  Go and bury all of bone.

E: I don’t think Disney has the carbon-dating equipment necessary in making that conspiracy happen.

Me: Look at you and your science, E!

E: Oh, bah.  I only remember things about carbon-dating and conspiracies because we marathoned that show with the sexy blue-eyed bloke in it.

Me: White Collar?

E: Yes, that one.  He was always saying things about carbon-dating.  I think…?  Honestly, he could have been saying anything.

M: I am punch you.

E: Well, if John Stamos had been the one to say, “Marcus, this here is actually a brachiosaurus,” I bet you’d still be calling the damn thing a brontosaurus.

M: You are have point…

E: Yes, I am have point.

Me: So haughty.  Woah! There is another tiny dinosaur hiding in that dinosaur’s neck.  A chimeric dinosaur twin.

E: Ladies and gents, we now have a double dinosaur homicide about to happen.

M: Is so tragic.  Is probable non Disney after all.

Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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