WPCS fundraiser!

So, my amazing choir is having a fundraiser.  And this fundraiser is special for two reasons.

First, the fundraiser is special because the proceeds allow us to buy our musical scores, partner with local composers to help them premiere their  music, and rent the spaces we need for our concerts.  We get some of our funding through the performances we do locally, but honorariums, although lovely, are not enough to meet operating costs.

Also, I should point out, all of the positions of choral direction, administration, marketing, development, etc., are completely volunteer.  So if you choose to come to the event, you won’t be paying for a salary with your donation.  Rather, you’ll be helping us to make beautiful music in beautiful spaces.  And the more money we raise, the more we can extend our mission to bring choral music to unexpected places and audiences around Chicago.

Second, the fundraiser is special because it is probably the most creative fundraiser you will attend this year.  It’s not like, show up, check in, drink some wine, hobnob, listen to a speech you sort of care about, go home.

Oh, no.

The fundraiser this year is based on the Carmen Sandiego children’s game show on PBS.  Our event “Where in the World is…?” has the audience track down the villain Thomas Markasino (our director Mark Tomasino’s evil doppleganger) throughout the course of the evening, thus saving choral music history.

Here is the promotional video, featuring our shifty-eyed villain (aka our director in a cape) and me as Chief Crawley.  If you ever wondered what I look like hamming it up in a three piece suit and swearing about sea slugs, you should probably watch this.  You should probably watch this even if you never wondered those things, because the video is hilarious.

You heard me gumshoes!  You have to help us save choral music history!

Get your tickets now!

Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

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