Studying for exams: week 7

It is officially March, and my exams are officially three weeks of studying away.

desk explosion
As evidenced by my desk explosion

Also, there is officially another snow storm happening outside right now.  Snow storm Saturn.  I’m only “ok” with this storm because Saturn is my favorite planet.  I will forever believe that it is purple with rainbow striped rings, despite what my fourth grade teacher told me when she gave me a “C” on my paper mache planet project for lack of accuracy.

Haters gonna hate, purple Saturn.  It’s just you and me now.


1. With only slight variations, I actually stuck to/achieved my study plan/goals this last week!  Huzzah!

2. I had to vary my plan slightly (I didn’t get through all of my readings on degeneration) only because my choir assignment came in slightly sooner than I thought it might, requiring a trip downtown to discuss said assignment.

For someone who lives in Chicago, I very rarely go downtown.  I mean, I basically feel like a tourist when I’m in the Loop.  I pack a bag with stuff to do in case I find a place to sit and look pensively at architecture, I make sure my phone is fully charged for when I inevitably get lost, and I steel myself for the noise and the hustle.

On this trip, I was headed to Monk’s Pub.  I had my journey all plotted out on a post-it note and stuck to the back of my STS reading.  But, of course, I get to the L and the damn thing is like, oh btw, the brown line only goes to Merchandise Mart right now because of bridge construction.  I check my post-it, and it reassuringly informs me that everything is fine, nothing is ruined, Merchandise Mart is my stop.

As soon as I step off the L, some guy with a camera comes rushing at me all “screw stock footage of people getting off the L let’s harass some pedestrians as to their opinions on bridge construction.”  So I run away from him into the actual Mart part of the stop, where I promptly get lost.

What the hell is Merchandise Mart, people?  Is it a giant show room?  Can you actually buy the shit on display?  Or do you just sort of gape through the windows at rows of Kohler toilets (first floor) and think, damn, sure wish I could spend more time in this place.

I finally make it out onto Wells Street by complete accident, and I check Mr. Post-it again.  Apparently, I just walk down Wells Street and then turn right.  First I walk the wrong directly entirely, and once my phone map finally points me in the right direction, I discover that Wells Street under the bridge is closed down.

I take a right, intending to walk down along the river and cross at the next bridge.  It’s really windy and cold, so I have my head down.  And I remember thinking it was odd that the sidewalk was covered in snaking black wires, when I look up and realize I have walked into yet another newscast.  This bridge construction must have been the talk of the five o’ clock news.   The camera guy gives me this look like, can you not see that we are filming this bridge stuff?  And I glowered at him as if to say, must you do so from the middle of the sidewalk?

So, if anyone watched the local Chicago news last Friday, its possible that you saw me either running away from a camera man or clomping through a newscast.

That’s basically my story.  I made it to the alternate bridge where I took this picture of the project.


And then I made it to Monk’s Pub, which is a nifty place.  But it was 5 o’ clock on a Friday, so it was too loud to work there, and Mark and Angela and I ended up chilling in a nearby Starbucks to discuss things before heading back to the pub for supper.

I’ll be able to say more about my role in the fundraiser next week after the event press release, but rest assured my job involves music, history, writing, and witticisms.

Oh, and ten minutes to closing a crazy guy wandered into Starbucks and insisted on finding the post office, so, I basically got the full downtown experience.

*   *   *

Week 7/9 Plan:

1. Finish grading the essays–midterm grades are due on March 13.

2. Write the first draft of the fundraiser narrative.

3. Pick up another crop of books from the library, and while there attend this sweet action talk on photography within the asylum.

4. Jeez…I guess I need to seal the deal on my British field this week.

5. Pick up the list of past questions from the world history exam and make sure I haven’t lulled myself into a false sense of security on that one.

6. Keep on trucking with the awesomeness that is STS.  I would like to be in a position to start writing practice essays in weeks 8/9.



Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

2 thoughts on “Studying for exams: week 7

  1. So…were you actually on the news? I love the picture of you in my head being all ticked off that the camera people were ALSO screwing up your day…very much the image of you Grandpa Butte…:)
    Keep studying on…you can do this and do it well!!!

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