Mascots #1 – Marcus

Salut.  Is Marcus.  Duh.

And this…is toad.

He is so toad…

Toad is best mascot.  He is little friend that I am think about like six time every day when I am get mad and need to think of something happy.  And he can be all sort of thing.  He can be witch toad, cleaning toad, desk job toad, research toad, design toad, all sort of toad.  That is best part.  He is have so many costume!

Example of how to use toad:


Scenario 1:

Underling: Marcus, I am so baby and cry all of time and do non understand design plan.  Why you are pick blue for lapel?

Me: *imagine toad with paintball gun and war paint*

Scenario 2:

Elias: Marcus! Do dish!

Me: *imagine toad sit in sink full of plate and bubble and stare at Elias*

Scenario 3:

Toad: You are imagine me today?

Me: *imagine toad*

Toad: Is holiday.  I should wear costume for.

Me: *imagine toad in holiday costume*


That is how toad is work.  He is pretty best, obvi.

What you are think toad do next, hmmmm?


Historian, novelist, musician, and imagination professional.

2 thoughts on “Mascots #1 – Marcus

    • Hmmmmm….I am have to work on draw wet suit for toad. Wind surf kite is probable be pretty easy to add, but he is so weird shape for anything with zipper. Salut! – MARCVS

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